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90 Degrees to Zamboanga: Memoirs of a 20-year Marijuana Smuggling Adventure

Sometimes comedic and sometimes deadly serious; the story is told by one of its major participants. Naive college students in the late 1960s, looking for excitement and adventure, smuggle kilos of marijuana on their backs over the Mexican border and into the United States. This marijuana adventure novel follows their lives, the cast of characters they meet along the way, and their smuggling adventures for the next two decades as their business ventures rise and fall and their escapades circle the globe, developing into a major criminal enterprise.


Mr. Bibbero didn't glorify his activities in his younger years like many do . He tells you about the good and bad things that happened to him and others . I'd actually like to see a movie made to be honest . I think this is a well told story and I recommend this crazy truthful tale to anyone.

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