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In this astonishing true story of adventure and survival, Rick Bibbero details how he and his cohorts built an international cannabis cartel. The words bring to life Bibbero's story of exploration, adventure, and survival against all odds. I could not put the book down. Given the rising acceptance of cannabis across the country in 2018, this memoir is a testament to the brave men - and women - who opened up the U.S. marketplace in the 1970s and 1980s. Great read. Well written.

Great true story...would be a terrific Netflix series!

This is an amazing story of adventure during the early years of marijuana smuggling! Rick Bibbero is like the cat with nine lives, surviving all the twists and turns of this dangerous business. What starts out as just a couple of young college guys looking for excitement (and to make a few bucks) quickly turns into a global drug smuggling operation. This true story gives the reader insight into the history of marijuana smuggling. Much like alcohol and the prohibition years, marijuana was once a highly illegal substance but is now becoming a legitimate U.S. industry. The marijuana smugglers of the past were certainly ahead of their time! Great read and a story that would make a terrific Netflix series!!

I really enjoyed this book. There was something going on all the time. I can’t believe how these guys did what they did. I don’t condone drugs but it’s very interesting how they smuggled all those drugs

This book chronicles a multitude of adventures, from the inauspicious backpack-across-the-border beginnings, through the buildup of the organization of the business, through the threats and missteps and betrayals and physical dangers the author and his associates encounter, through the price(s) the author ultimately and inevitably pays afterward. What makes the memoir even more thrilling to read is knowing that he actually LIVED this story - and he even went back years later to sit down with the DEA agent who chased him, to exchange their perspectives after the fact, which adds another component as the reader gets to see it through he eyes of the "smugglers" as well as through the eyes of the "law." Whether or not you are a marijuana aficionado (this reader is not), you can't help but appreciate the story of how Mr. Bibbero's wits, intuition, and colorful friends and foes create an elaborate and years-long, truly groundbreaking enterprise in this industry. He is a remarkable chronicler of remarkable experiences. The photos and maps are a hoot,'s nice to be able to put faces and places to the images he creates for us. The book is long, but it HAS to be.... there is much more than just one story in this incredible journey. It also offers an insider's views on the beginnings of the history of the marijuana trade in this country which, as we all know, is timely considering the conversations we are now having regarding this subject nationwide. I definitely recommend this book.

This is one of the very BEST books I have ever read.

Each page keeps you looking forward to the next page. I was at ASU from 1969 to 1973 and I can only imagine the risk these guys took and the life style they played; it would make an incredible movie ! The 60s and 70s were crazy times with Vietnam, the hippie culture change and the marijuana influence on the youth. Now were are seeing going from felony charges in many cases to legalization of pot ???
Funny, I have known the author for many years, but I found out in the book that I really did not know anything about Rick's past experiences. It was a complete surprise to me. Rick does not sugar coat or exaggerate the events. I really enjoyed this book and I think you will find it is hard to put down.

Mr. Bibbero didn't glorify his activities in his younger years like many do . He tells you about the good and bad things that happened to him and others . I'd actually like to see a movie made to be honest . I think this is a well told story and I recommend this crazy truthful tale to anyone.

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