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Brian Rohan 1937 -2021 | Legendary Rock and Roll Attorney

This is one of my favorite pictures of Brian and is typical. For context this picture is from the San Francisco Chronicle dated April 23, 1986 and can be found on page 2. Brian explained to me the aftermath of this picture which was how he was able to extricate himself from this situation. He told me that he gave everyone involved (the cops, the judge, etc.) boxes of tapes, CDs, signed autographs and other assorted memorabilia and everything magically disappeared.

Also another astonishing point of this article is the quote by his lawyer, Patrick Hallinan... who also by-the-way was my lawyer in my criminal case. In typical Hallinan fashion he professed amazement that Brian might not even be a resident of California, and thus California would have no standing in the case... a point, if the truth be known, is patently ridiculous as Brian and Patrick were best friends for over 50 years and for him to not have known of Brian’s residency domicile is nonsense... but is Patrick’s style to diffuse the situation... it worked! I love this picture... you can see the defiance in Brian’s face and only wonder, given his colorful history, what will he do next! Sadly both Brian and Patrick are no longer with us and a part of San Francisco’s colorful and unique history is gone as well.

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